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Coaching Behind a Mask – 5cgiboy

Coaching Behind a Mask


Unmasking The Realities

Listed here are 3 broad hacks to help coaches to beat the constraints confronted by carrying a face masks for teaching.

1. Exterior cues

Teaching athletes with quick sentences by cues could help the coach to facilitate an S&C session with few, however impactful directions. The purpose of cueing is to slender the athlete’s consideration to deal with probably the most related characteristic of a motion being realized (e.g. Triple extension in a horizontal broad leap).

Exterior cues (versus inside cues) are sometimes used to encourage the athlete to focus their consideration on the motion final result. Analysis has proven that an exterior focus of consideration (by the manipulation of distance, route and outline methods) promotes higher motion velocity, power, endurance, and effectivity (Benz, 2016; Winkelman, 2018). In the long term, the athlete will carry out higher through the context of follow, whereas encouraging the retention and switch of the practised motor talent.

For instance the appliance of the exterior cue technique, contemplate a coach asking his athlete to ace the horizontal broad leap

– Inner cue: “Deal with extending by the hips, knees and ankles”

– Exterior cue: “Explode over a mattress of sizzling coals”

As soon as the athlete has heard a cue like this one or twice, it may be even additional abbreviated to a buzz phrase equivalent to “COALS!” to set off a picture and motion within the athlete’s thoughts to attain the result meant by the coach.

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